How You See Yourself Means Everything

It is not how far that matters but how well that matters most. Don't be overwhelmed with what people say about you.

One of the reasons why people copy each other is because they fail to discover their own unique purpose and as a result of that they dip their hands into what they are not supposed to deep their hands. 

Your character defines you, it's very fine and good to have respect, it is not until someone gives you money before you can respect them. Respect is reciprocal, you get what you give. Character is like a smoke, no matter how you try to cover it, it will surely show up.

Different people have different opinions about what life is. People found themselves in different situations and they applied different principles to get out of that terrible situation. If you likely follow their principles, there is fire on the mountain.

It doesn't matter what people say or think about you, what matters most is what you say and the right decision you make that defines you.

No matter what happens don't be depressed by what you hear about you, it's just their own view about you not the fact, not the real you, keeping on moving not stopping.

How you see yourself matters most. Think of how to improve yourself on what you're good at, work on your weakness and make use of the opportunities around you.

Hope it's worth your time?

Please do enjoy your day!