It Is Not Over Yet Until It Is Over


Reactions, suggestions and ideas of individuals can only be determined by the amount of words that we feed our mind. If you plant onions in a farm land, when it's time for the harvest you're expected to harvest onions not yam. What you show is what you reap.

Sometimes, situations of life may be tough to the extent of giving up. And giving up is not an option.

Our attitude towards those challenges matter most, it is not how far that matters most but how well.

To some, life starts at 40 while to some life starts immediately after one's birth. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves why a given country makes a law that every civil servant should retire at the age of 60 to 65 years or at exactly 35 years of service, yet the law does not affect the so called political leaders. Or are they not civil servants or is politics a business? 

Though I'm not judging anyone but I'm just exploring my mind. It took my hours to be wondering why it is like this in my country!

It is not over yet until it is over. If you retire as a civil servant you can still take on politics as a business.. Smiles!!! But that's just the trust. 

What you're doing today, that seems not to be giving you results and you're considering giving up. 

My dear it is not over yet. What you need is to put more effort and bring out the best from it.

Your best is yet to come and the glory of the latter shall be greater than the former. Keep pushing.

Hope it worth your time?

Please do enjoy your day!