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Relationship: The part way to Success

About the Book

It is not how far but how well that matters most. Irrespective of what you have heard, read or watched about relationships, all may be true and good but here I bring to you a new dimension, a new way and new approaches to building and sustaining an everlasting relationship.


In this book, you will find some experiences of people, how they have been through in their business/career/job and how they were able to cope with their marriages/Love affairs.


This book gives an insight on how to live a successful life in maintaining your standard through personal development and keeping a good relationship with people because our raising is as a result of relationship with others.


You don’t have to take one for two whereas you can take two for one. That is, it is bullshit to say “Who marriage helps”. We have billions of people who are successful in marriage and business/career/Job. This book will give you ideas on how to integrate your business/career/Job and marriage together. You can be successful in marriage/Love affairs and business/career/Job.

This book is three in one. In there, you’ll get to understand what it takes to keep a good relationship with people you care for, be it love/marriage, business relations and different ways of developing oneself, that is personal development.

It is my belief that you will have full import of what this book contains and you will have a win-win life.

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Rewriting Your Story

About the book

This book is about doing your best and especially about living your dreams.

There is a time appointed to everyone on this planet earth, your number one assignment is to discover your purpose and living that dream of yours.

This book provides a set of principles, strategic and ideas in living to the fullest of your purpose.

Well, there are a whole number of things we can do. No  individual  rule  guarantees  success,  but  each  narrows  the  way.  They  all increase our chances of making fortune in life.

Though we have different perspectives of what life is and the way individuals live his/her life depends on the available information and the steps taken by individuals will determine the result at the end of the day.

This  book  is  for  you  if  you  have  bought  the  ire  that  you'll  never  amount  to anything. That's not true. Inside this book lies the keys to recognizing the full potential of your life and you will attain a life that is rewarding.

Everyone has a story to tell. We have the power to choose anything we want in our life. There are some things that restrict us in becoming what we want in life. We have to look beyond those barriers but keep on moving, as you remain focused in the journey of life.

I  hope  you  will  walk  another  step  further  as  you  rewrite  a  good  story  for 


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Monetize Your Passion

About the book

This book gives insight on how to discover your passion and that thing you know 

how to do best. Mark you, if you're not living your dream and doing what you like 

doing it's not just good enough.

This  book  explores  the  money  mind-set.  I  tell  you  if  you  don't  have  the  right 

mind-set towards what money is, making money will be a bit difficult.

Also,  this  book  is  not  about  getting  rich quickly.  It  gives  knowledge  about  what 

you can do to earn a living and some 21st century businesses which are high in 

demand. So get into work and do your very best.

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