We’re All In The Race But Not In The Same Lane

Everyone wants to meet up, as such, we keep on running the race which on a good day wasn't on our lane.

Some people live their life just for a show or just to show up on social media. Social media has different ways of influencing one’s life and if prevention is not taking place. Life itself may be difficult.

In my closet, I began to wonder why people live a fake life on social media. This is just my opinion but it may be true. Not everyone is living their real life on social media, it's just for a show or to display fake life or just for entertainment. 

The truth is that it’s not everyone that knows this, it's not everyone that understands the real meaning of social media and as such, everyone wants to live the same way the influencers are living their precious life on social media.

Social media has a great influence on someone's mind which ignites the spirit of living a luxurious life. If you were privileged to meet those social media influencers one on one or you know them as a person, you will understand that, that’s not their real life style but they just use it on social media to sell a brand or product.

In the world of football, Leo Messi is talented while Christiano Ronaldo's success is as a result of hard work but what do these two great footballers have in common? Both of them want to meet up, both of them want Ballon D'or, both of them are competing to be the world best, the truth of the matter is that, no matter how we do it, no matter how we by-cut it, no matter pressor we put-in, one person must be greater than the other.

I’m not here to judge these great talented footballers but you can judge by yourself if you’re consistent with football.

You see your friend in a latest Ferrari and you’re like, I also want that Ferrari but you don't know the sources of your friend's income and you went ahead to buy the same Ferrari with your friend and as such you are bankrupt. Think about that.

Though, it is good to envy your friends for the good things that he does but not good enough to envy such a friend because when you envy him, you’ll be like you equally want to do the same thing with your friend.

Years back, I read a news article about a young  lady who wanted to meet up with her friend standard. This lady was not aware about her friend's background, both got to know each other in school and you know all these University students now, they will be like, i want to meet up with my friends lifestyles but they were blind to their friends sources of income.

Like I said, this lady wants to wear designers, she wants everything that her friend wears, she wants the same lifestyle as her friend, unknown to her that her friend is from a rich family, her friend's parents are rich and they are business owners.

After a while, this lady went to look for help where there’s no help and she was introduced to a prostitute just to meet up. The first man to carry her as an arristos girl was the one that used her for a money ritual.

According to the news, she said the man don't even had sex with her only what he does was sucking one of her breast and within just 7 days she didn’t go for another man because she noticed changes in her body, her body began to develop tumor and before you know it, the next 7 days she had a stroke and finally she died between two weeks just to meet up with her friends lifestyle forgotten that we all have a different time for our appearance.

Everyone under this earth has an appointed time but we don't learn to wait for our own time. We copy a lot of things which are not applicable and fit-into our own life but have a great negative influence on us.

We are all running a race but never in the same lane.

Dear friend, what are you pushing for? May i tell you one thing? There is a time for everything and everything happens at the appointed time, don't try to force it, don't try to make it happen by going extra miles.

Only do your best and put in every effort to bring out the very best in you. For your appearance to show up. Don't copy people's lifestyle because you’re not like them, what you have to do is to learn  how to use your own unique ability to exploit. Everyone has a special talent and those talents are unique. Please utilise your unique talent without crossing your lane in the race.

Hope you derived value with your time reading this article?

Have a nice day