Getting started

 The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Time waits for no one and nobody has advantage by devoid, you have to create your way.

One of the reasons why you don't get that desired result is that you're doing the same thing repeatedly and you expect different results. The same way you did yesterday may be slightly different from today because yesterday is not the Same as today, so focus on ways to improve yourself so as to get it done in a very short period of time.

The you in you makes you what you are. That is, that very you, that your thinking, that your thought and how you feel about success is the reflection of you. Your today's result is your yesterday input. You can't plant onions and expect beans, I guess it is not possible. What you feed your mind is a result of your productivities, so feed your mind with positive thought.

Everything is possible if you put your mind on it. Everything is achievable if you can work towards it. If you don't start that business you will not get any result, if you don't apply for that job, no company will call you for an interview, if you don't make a move, you will remain stagnant.

Sometimes you have to take a break and have a deep thought about your life. It is not over yet until it is over. Sit yourself down in a noiseless place and plan for your dear life. You can't be doing the same thing and expect different results. Get involved, you are the rightful owner of your life. You're the CEO of your life. 

No one can do it for you because no one even has time for you, but you can create an event so that everyone will have time for you. Like Facebook, the owner created an event, he created a wonderful app which the whole world can not do without. I'm not saying until you are like that of Mark Zuckerberg before you can be great.

The best time to start that business is now, don't give a damn to what people say about you but focus on giving your best and your personal development.

Hope you derived value?

Please do enjoy your day!