Plan B Might Be The Original Plan


Irrespective of how far you’ve gone in your original plan, plan B can still make a difference.

Over the time, when we are growing, we have been told that education is the only way. {Only way} That is, go to University or any other higher institution, become a graduate, after that, you get a paid job which is considered as a white-collar job.

Hmm, that was the orientation given to us when we were in elementary school. Some of us have a great talent in other fields aside from schooling but we should be cautious not to deviate from schooling, all we need to do is to remain focused on our dear school. Well, it sounds good and alright to be an educated person but it's never good enough if that education is not making you money.

I can still remember vividly when I was in high school, playing football, I had a broken leg. Wow! It was just like I’m about to die because I was given little care which kept me thinking about my dear life.

All our orientation was, go to school, go to school, and get a good job so that you can take good care of us when we get old. Hmm, it looked so good because they were not opportune to even step their feet to any elementary school not to talk of higher institutions. Belief me, this is still happening in our world today. Father will impose a course on his child because he was unable to study that particular course when he was in his tender age and the child will be like, father I can’t do this, but the child will still proceed and return with casualty.

I’ve never for once blamed then nor regret going to school but what about my Plan B?

I had a friend when I was in high school that also had a great plan B and later made use of it. This friend of mine has the opportunity to learn a trade called “Electrician”. You know that right? On a holiday, he’s in the place of learning, what about weekends? At least you get nothing to do on weekends, so he must go to the place of his apprentice.

This guy focused on this work to the extent of giving out his two years after his high school to learn it as a full time work before proceeding to university.

I don’t know that this guy had a plan for the work to the extent of taking it as a profession. He proceeds to the university to study Electrical/Electronic Engineering. It was awesome. Throughout his stay in the university he didn’t wait for his parents to send him money for his school tuition fee before he cleared the road. My guy is living a good life in school because he had a plan B.

This young man always had a great contract when he was in school, he can do and undo. He gave two for one. In terms of practicality, he’s so skilful also in his profession as an engineer.

After his graduation, my man didn’t wait for any white-collar job because he had one already. He’s doing great and awesome, married with kids. Let me pause here without proceeding further on his achievements.

Dear friend, education is very important but what’s your take on plan B? What if plan A doesn’t work out as you planned, what will you do? Will you start over and over again? 

Nigeria produces millions of graduates every 6 months, where is the job?

Don’t get me wrong, education is good and very important because I’m also a graduate {Federal Poly, Bida}. Without going to school, all what you’re reading might not be possible because talent will be wasted without knowledge to put it together. I didn’t regret going to school but what about my plan B? Are your school certificates feeding you by now? What is your plan B for future occurrence? Because change is inevitable, it can happen suddenly. These are questions that need hours of thinking.

I’m still in my closet thinking about my plan B, you too can do the same, and they call it a side business. Money begets money, as they say. One of the principles of wealth is to create multiple streams of income. Never depend on your current job without a side business.

This is one of the problems we are facing in Nigeria, most of the America jobs are not white-collar jobs according to America president Joe Biden, he says 90% of America jobs are blue-collar jobs, that is to say, all what you need is a skill, creativity, idea and strategy to make it work or to put them together.

Furthermore, this is just my way of motivating you, this is my profession, though I’m still growing and learning day by day.

According to Richard Templar in his book “The Rules of Wealth”  he says, if you want to be wealthy, never for once think of one business but create multiple streams of income.

I want you to think in this way, what if I’m sacked today, how will I feed my family? Use this trick to create multiple streams of income and I believe you will always thank yourself for making this great decision.

Nevertheless, plan B may be a great one to have, give it a try.

Hope you derived value?

Have a beautiful day.