The Fear Of The Unknown



Anxieties, fears, worries, depressions are some of the factors responsible for silencing a great dream.


Haven’t concluded my NYSC, what next? A friend of mine asked me years back.

Hmm, it was just like a joke, I never knew that he really meant what he’s saying, I thought it was just a play because that’s how we used to play. You know that orientation camp is full of fun. We both shared the same bunk in the same hostel.


During this time, we were like 5 & 6 because we shared our experience together; we talked about important things, most especially, the future.

After he asked me this question, I was like I don’t know ooo, I kept quiet for minutes because even me that’s what I’m thinking, running in  my mind before my coming to this camp. I replied.


The guy has gotten his freedom as an apprentice “Fashion Designer”. This is one of the issues about this guy that kept me silent because, I was like how will I talk to him to forget about his university certificate and focus on his fashion Designer’s business. It looks odd to me because how will you advise a graduate to leave his university certificate aside and take up a fashion Designer as a profession, he will just be looking at you as if you’re giving him wrong advice.

My greatest fear in talking to him so as to leave his degree and establish himself as a fashion Designer was just unreal to me not knowing that it will be a great value to him.


One day I couldn’t hold myself, I couldn't hide behind one finger anymore, I had to conquer my fear and face the reality of life's challenges. So I called this friend of mine as usual just to have a little discussion with him, it was like a play because it has been ringing in my ears to hit the nail on the head and tell him all what i wanted to tell him since all this while.


It was just like the first time I confronted a lady! Hmm, you understand right? If you want to toast a lady for the first time, smile, it will take you almost a month to be watching and rehearsing on what to tell her, you will be like, what if she says no, or slap me? To be frank with you, that was my childhood experience with a lady. Are you laughing at me? Don’t just worry, I also catch you, the same thing applicable to you, I mean you experience the same thing in toasting a lady for the first time, no doubt about that.

Back to our discussion, I took up the cross with courage and boldness and told this friend of mine that I considered him to be a fashion designer and forget about his university degree.


Believe me, this guy was so happy, he couldn’t withhold his happiness, he gave me hugs countless times, he also got me a drink… I was like so you are expecting me to tell you this right? He said yes. Wow! This is awesome.

Haven’t told him, but I now have the courage to give him some tricks on what I know about Fashion Designer because I had a little experience with it. It was great, I mean awesome to share my opinion with him.


I told him how to start, things he needed to put in place, stuff like that. Trust me, today, this guy is doing great and booming in his profession as a fashion Designer, had it been that I didn’t tell him or I keep that great words to me that transform his life, I don’t know what will have happen to him today just because of unknown fear of what he may say or he may see my advice as a useless advice, that was my thinking, but today, that is not the story.


Dear friend, what is keeping you from making that decision, what is keeping you from making a difference in your world, fear? No, it shouldn’t be.

Some of us have great talent but the fear of what other people may say have killed our dreams, some have multiple talents, different skills are in us but the fear of how to start or how to put them together have killed the talent.

If I am afraid to write this article, I don’t just know what will make your day awesome. If I don’t write this article, I don’t just know what will you read or will make you busy like this?


You just have to face your fear. If you try and fail, it gives you more energy to do more and you know that failure is part of success, not the opposite of success. I can’t just imagine how many articles that I’ve written and I kept under my reading table because they are not good enough for me to post on my website, some are just 100 words, some are even 50 words and some are 1500 words but not good enough for me.


The greatest fear that you need to be afraid of is not to try anything at all. When you try and fail, you’ll learn one or two things and if you want to do the same thing another time you will do it in a different way and you will equally get different results.


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, and to achieve success you must be willing to grow and change to become who you need to be which gives you power and respect in your world.

Hope it's worth your time?

Enjoy your day!