Over time, I began to imagine how I used to behave when I was a child, how life has been so sweet. Though life is still sweet up to this day but no one can compare the life we are living as an adult to that of children. Children have nothing to worry about, they are mainly focused and dependent on their parents.

As a child you have zero worry of what to eat or over your school fees or any other bills, it is a child's belief that his/her parents will surely take the mantle of responsibilities and provide for the family. But as we are growing up, we found out that things suddenly changed. We found out that our body, appearances and everything about us changed, especially that of a female child.

As a female child, when you get to a certain stage, what you think or observe should change about you [I guess you know what I’m saying?] but later on, nothing changes then you begin to worry about it. That really tells about what I called “TIME FACTORS”

The holy book [Bible] even confirmed it that there is a time for everything under the earth,  a time to plant and a time to harvest that which has been planted. Now coming to the reality of life, there are some certain stages in our life that we expect something to change about us but no matter how we try hard, that thing seems not changing. Some will say that it’s not by hard work that brings wealth, whereas to some it’s purely by hard work.

Our time in life is completely different from each other, but most of us fail to understand the principles of life, we just try to force things to happen and when it happens at the inappropriate time, we just have no option than to face the consequences.

Although, we are in the position to make things happen at any time we like, it does not completely exempt us from facing the challenges of life. Life challenges we surely come, what we need to do is to be aware or prepared to face life challenges,  so as not to give up when it comes.

In real life, we copy a lot of things which we don’t really know in-depth about where they are from! Especially in Africa, we copied western European style of wedding and we made it a mandate or a prerequisite for this day's wedding as the case may be. However, when we patiently remain focused, putting all our efforts together and giving our very best In whatever we are doing, our dear time will surely come to pass no matter what.

Dear friend, envies can never solve any problems but it will increase the problem at hand, don’t ever envy your neighbour because your neighbour has arrived, don’t try to stroll stone at your friend because he’s already making things happen, that your friend is already utilizing his/her time. The appointed time of your friend is already here, what differentiate you and that of your friend is called “TIME FACTORS”.

Learn to be patient for your time will definitely come and if you rush it, you may rush out.


Hope it’s worth your time?

Please enjoy your day!