Your Mindset Your Asset



We are all running a race, everyone on this planet has a specific function or purpose to carry out. 

Using natural resources as a case study. You see! Any plant or green grass that you see on the field represents something and has a specific function to perform. We may not know the use of every green grass but believe me, if you carry out thorough research, you’ll realise the use of every green plant.

One of the most used plants on earth, especially the ones we call food, fruit and our vegetables, all are as a result of discovery. We eat some plants and have a negative effect on our body whereas some are very good for our consumption.

What you produce is as a result of your yesterday input, you can’t feed yourself with all sorts of negativities and expect positive results, it doesn’t happen that way, you can adjust your way to suit your future by feeding yourself with daily inspirational quotes.

Your mind is just a child play to be used by what you  see and as a result of what you see, it has the influence to control you and if care is not taken, it will lead you to frustration which is very dangerous.

Mindset is what separates the best from the rest. When you’re being distinguished and stand out among the multitude, that alone is a great asset because people will see you and cherish you, people will love to be like you one day. You will have influence as a result of your mindset, if people don’t like you, my dear check yourself, but if you expect everyone to like or love you, that means you are fooling yourself. If you’re doing the right thing and people don’t get your approval and your conscience didn’t judge you from doing that thing, my friend, may I tell you to keep moving?

It is possible that people will always talk about you; people will always counter you or even challenge you for what you don’t even know anything about. What you have to do is to keep your ears from such allegations and focus your attention on your purpose which is the most valuable asset to you.

It can only be you; no one has the power to make you happy like you, because happiness is from within. You don’t have to think too much, all you have to do is to do what makes you happy. If you are happy, that’s one of the greatest assets one could have, happiness comes within you, happiness starts from you, not your relationships, not your job and not your money but you.

In a recent time, one of the well known billionaires in Nigeria “Femi Otedola” says, “With all billions of Dollars, he couldn’t get the happiness that he really wanted” That shows that money is not just enough, what is enough is you and your happiness.

If you can control your mind and see all beauty that comes from it, my dear, may I tell you that you’ll be the happiest man on earth?

Some I can, to some, I will, while to some people I will never. The result at the end of the day will surely separate the best from the rest. Create value with your mindset and do exploits in the outermost part of the world and let the whole world see the light in you.

A lot of  things have been deposited in you right from creation but it will take your press, hard work and passion to bring it out to the world to see. You see your friends doing this, doing that, posting on social media and you want to be like them. They are at their prick my dear, only focus in developing yourself. Never mind the things you see on social media if not, you may do otherwise.

Don’t neglect the value of learning because learning doesn't have to be stopped, learning is a continuing process. The day you stop learning is the day you start dying.

Dear friend, create wealth with your mindset and make sure it doesn't die with you.


Hope it worth your time?

Have a blessed day!