The Immature Mind



You don't have to be wrong by broadcasting all your plans to everyone but what’s wrong is when your so-called friends use your idea against you and make you worthless. You don't also have to be freaked by what you see on social media because it can be deceptive.

Maturity is not measured by your age but by the level of your responsibility, the way you react to something that provokes or annoys you the most. Sometimes, you may be tested by what you have in your possession, it may look like you're getting it right but my dear you’re on the wrong side.

This reminds me of a story of a friend who thinks that he’s always right. I called him Mr Right. Most of the time, he did things that always kept me quiet because I least expected him to do such a thing. If he has a plan before you know it, he has broadcast it to the whole world, the next thing is that that project will just be on a paper like that without accomplishment.

I always called him to caution him about his lifestyle but it seems that if you haven’t experienced any setbacks in life it may be very difficult to listen to people’s advice. All the advice that people will be giving you will just be a waste of time because you’re not ready, the advice is coming at the wrong time and you’re not prepared for it.

You may not know the value of what you have until you find that thing no more. It baffles me the way people have been freaked out on social media. People are not ready to take up their cross, people are looking for where to lay all their problem on instead to find a positive solution to that problem and the truth is bitter as they always say, the funny part of it is that, when you try to tell the truth, they pick offense against you but rush into believing lies.

One of the organisations that I worked with years back are victims of lies, not the organisation itself but the manager doesn’t ever listen to the truth but lies, no matter how I tried to convince him with truth he will not believe my reports.

One day I challenged him for the reason(s) not to believe me for once because he’s the one that employed me, at least if you don’t see any good in me you will not have employed me and trust me that I can handle the work perfectly. I always told him the way he runs things doesn’t fit the organisation’s lifestyle. The company is running at a loss but because of his selfish interest, he will never listen to you.

He’s making money from the company in a wrong way but forgetting that if the company runs down, that’s the end of his salary. Through persistence in telling him the trust because my spirit doesn’t support him and his evil way, he had to sack me. I collected the sacked letter with joy and found my way out of the company. After two months, the company contacted me, asked me a series of questions and pleaded with me to come back, guess what? I am already working for another company that knows my worth.

The following month after the company contacted me, the manager was sacked. Why the manager was sacked is what I called “The Immatures Mind”. The manager was not mature enough to handle the company’s finances and his employees.

Now the manager had to call me but it’s too late for that, assuming he had listened to me in the first place, that would have not been the story. He’s now left without a job and the money that he’s trying to save was not enough for his proposed business. That is to say, you will never know the value of what you have until you lose it.

Immature mind. Sometimes, you just have to listen to people, take people’s advice, look beyond your present situations because no condition is ever permanent. What you see today may be off tomorrow and not all that glitter is ever gold.

Life may be tough at times, you don’t have to relax but to be tougher and stronger than your present challenges. Challenges are inevitable, it will surely come, you have to train yourself to be calm during a storm so as not to be carried away by the wave  of the storm.

Nobody is above mistakes, you have to learn from your mistakes and move on. Life goes on, also, mistakes and failure are part of success. If you don’t fail, it may be hard to be successful because you will not learn.

Once you make a mistake, learn not to fall victim again and again but use that mistake as a stepping stone to your success. Learn to be mature, not everything needs to be reacted to.

Hope you derived value?

Please do enjoy your day!