The Real Pepper


Patiently understanding of some set principles of life can go a long way. I want to be this, I want to be that without following the right pattern or how it's been done in the right way can lead to destruction.

Sometimes your boss needs to show you real pepper for you to discover that great potential in you. If your Oga shows you pepper, better still, learn how to appreciate it and say thank you for this great opportunity.

Life gets tougher day and night. The purchasing power of one thousand dollar years back is not the same today. You may not know the value of your creativity until you bring something into existence.

Years back during my undergraduate days, I had a friend, we both read together, played together and did things together. This friend of mine always tells me that we do a great gift that people are crying to have day and night but just that life itself is not just balanced. At times, you will be striving to get something whereas that thing is within your reach but you couldn’t see it. That’s the real pepper.

The real pepper is when you have something great within your reach but you’re not smart enough to see that greatness in you. Another real pepper is when someone has to sign your paycheck before you can be paid. Your life is in that person’s hand, all what you will be hoping for will be for that person to just have his pen on that very precious paycheck so that you will be able to bring something to your table.

The day you realise that you have something to offer the world is the day you start building up yourself. We just have to start from somewhere and equally change the narrative in order to impact lives and live a fulfilled life. No one can play your role the best way that needs to be played by you alone, you don’t have to look back but to face your fear. Everyone has one or two challenges in the sphere of life but we don’t just have to give up on those challenges, for when we give up, it becomes the real pepper. What you have to do is to take a little breath and face off those challenges.

No one ever succeeds without encountering challenge(s) in their life but they may not be fair enough to tell us, what the majority tells us about their life is the good part of the story but the major challenge is hiding from us.

In my new book, titled “Relationship: The Part Way To Success” this book is not all about marriage and love relationships but full of success stories about classical people which I’ve come across in my life and has helped me a lot in becoming. The book also gives an insight on personal development which I believe will help you a lot in becoming and giving your best in whatever you find yourself doing.

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Another pepper is when you ignore the book without making a purchase decision but i urge you to get your own copy today!

If you say you don’t have enough, that is a good reason for you to create an avenue to exploit in that area and give yourself to learning. Learning doesn't have to stop.

Robert Kiyosaki says, “The difference between the poor and the rich people is knowledge”. That is, the rich have powerful information which is hidden from the poor, but once the poor get to have in-depth knowledge about how to create wealth, that’s the end of their suffering.

Another real pepper is to have enough information that can transform lives for better but you neglect them and say they are all fake and scam. When you’re working for someone but you say after all it is not my father’s company, that is another real pepper. Why are you not working in your father's company? Whereas that’s where you’re been paid, that’s the company that is responsible for your paycheck. Let me tell you something, there are thousands of people who are seeking the same opportunity that you have but couldn’t get it.

Sometimes, life may not give you what you deserve but through persistence and consistency that dream of yours will surely come to pass.

The real pepper is when people see your success, rejoice with you and go back home crying because they don’t for one wish good for you, they don’t want your success and finally your creator has put them to shame and disgrace. Now you made it and I am equally happy because you did not give up in the journey of life.

Please keep on holding unto your faith, the best is yet to come and until we get to the promised land.

Hope it's worth your time?

Have a nice day full of blessings!