The Analysis Paralysis


Being who you are has so much to say about you! It doesn't have to be wrong if you focus on yourself, developing yourself and making yourself better.

Everyone is right in his/her own eye, what you’re doing seems good and fit, and that’s why judging anyone for his/her moves becomes difficult. When you try to correct them, most of what they will say is that you’re not in my shoes.

However, I definitely know that I can never be in your shoes, but sometimes we may share similar challenges, similar issues may face us as an individual. Moving close to the best way to solve a problem may be the best move someone could ever make.

Years back, when I’m still an undergraduate, I’m so full of myself, I’m very hard to be corrected when I’m wrong, but I thought I’m always right. That's why I said everybody is always right in his/her eye.


The Analysis

Over time, one of my uncles will ask me from my brother. Countless times, it’s become something else, I felt like what is he asking me for? I don’t have anything to collect from him nor tell him to give me something. In my thinking, I thought that’s the end of life but that’s just the beginning. Time flew and it’s time for me to have my reward.


The paralysis

Isn’t it good when you know your fault and you admit that you’re wrong? That’s what leads to paralysis. The paralysis set of people will never admit being wrong, they always find every way to back themselves up, they always passover their way. Some people even used the Holy Bible to  conceal their leakages, while some go to the extent of making things get worse by telling it to your face that you can never do anything to them after finding out that they wrong you in one aspect.

Though you may just smile and go your way, deep down you have so much to say and that’s just the level of your maturity.


The Analysis Paralysis

One of the best ways of solving life challenges is through learning. Most people in life are aware they are wrong but they will never change, correct themselves and learn their lesson. That’s what leads to Analysis Paralysis

I’m not here to define the definition meaning of Analysis Paralysis but if you take your time to review my article, you’ll understand what I mean by the Analysis Paralysis.


The Education

There’s a saying “The day you stop learning is the day you start dying” The Analysis Paralysis type of people will never learn their lesson, the worst thing they normally say is that their problem is from family witchcraft.

Like I said earlier on, the best way to tackle any life challenges is through learning, that’s where education set-in.

The economy of our country has changed drastically to the worst, only people that survived it are real time business owners, but the major problem of those business owners is how to maintain their cash flow. You’ll hear some say, they have tried all their possible best to make their business work, putting all their hard earned money, including loans, and it seems all are the same. The truth is that they lack financial education.

Nothing like financial intelligence, that’s what brought the idea of financial I Q on my website.


Minding your own business

Western countries say “If you want to hide something from Africa man, put it on a paper” because Africa men don’t even have time for reading. They are struck with 9-5 jobs, no job security, no good incentives, no freedom and no time for personal development.

The purpose of financial I Q on my website is to teach, coach, train, educate and give as much information about financial education.

Through my research, I found out what the advanced countries are doing that brought them unmeasured wealth and I don’t want to be an Analysis Paralysis. That is, someone that knows the problems, solutions and decided to keep it to himself, that’s what Analysis Paralysis is all about.


Risk and Risky

There is a difference between risks and risky. Risk is when you don’t know anything about something. Just like an ignorant person, you’re not aware of anything. For example, you have challenges but you don’t know that you even have one. Like some ladies will say, they don’t know that they are pregnant for about two to three months. That is pure risk.

Risky is knowing the problem, knowing the solution to the problem but failing to use his/her tactic to tackle the problem. Risk and risky also have something to do with Analysis Paralysis.

Life is very easy for those that make it easy for themselves. We are in the information age and if you’re not informed, you’ll be deformed. Ignorance is a disease, he whom much is given, much is also expected.

Don’t be that of Analysis Paralysis, learn what you don’t know if you know that you will equally need that thing later or sooner.

Dear friend, our federal government is debited to another country, amounting to 36.3 Billion Naira. Approximately, each person in Nigeria owes nothing less than 127,457. How are we going to pay back? And our government has not retired from borrowing, do you see why you need to be educated through financial education?

Our economy is nowhere to be found, but we don’t have to blame anybody because you can take advantage of the economy to make millions of money if only you’re financially literate.

My beloved, I’d love not to take much of your time and I will like you to give it a thought. In your closet, try to think about it, think about our economy, politics, law and a lot more about our country so as to know the next move.

Thank you for your time in reading this article.


Hope it’s worth our time?

Please do have a nice day!