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Who could  imagine that that black pot can produce pure pap? Judging a book by its cover sometimes may not be the right thing to do.

What have you been doing behind your closed door? What have I been doing in my quiet time? Question for the thought. Yet they say when you’re alone good thoughts that can transform someone’s life into a better life will surely come, not only that but how to use that thought is a different thing entirely.

This generation has more than enough information for transformation, better still, many are dying because of hunger and the sky is more than enough for birds to fly. Many people received the same information but what differentiate them among each other is the power of action. Actions speak louder than voice, people that are extremely doing well in the world of business today are as a result of action(s). The result has been shown to the world as a result of what has been done in a closed door scene.

An American neo-surgeon, Ben Carson says in his book “Think Big” that God has deposited about 14 billions of cells and connections in our brain. The main problem is how are you using those cells in your brain or how are I making use of that deposited in me? However, I recommend this book for you entitled “Think Big” by Ben Carson, you’ll love reading this book. This book will bring out the best in you by unleashing your potential for excellence.

As we are growing up, we discover so many things about ourselves, though some follow it as a passion or as a profession. Thinking to make ends meet is purely part of life, but many of us ignore the aspect of thinking for ourselves but blame anybody that comes our way at that particular time for our misfortunes.

Challenges are also part of life knowing fully well that we must face some challenges in life will help in counter some of those challenges and help in scaling towards living a successful life.

Think Like A Monk” a book by great scholar Jay Shatty revealing how to think in a diverse way to provide a dependable solution to different challenges of life. This book is a great book and you’ll be glad you read this book, to get this book click here.

Another life challenges that I foresight is that most people lack financial education, when the challenges of life comes their way, they blame it on witches and wizard but never take their precious time to discover how to scale their business(s) to operate on a Wi-Fi level, they are still operating in old way or old fashion of doing things whereas each day is a new beginning and fresh day to start a new life and to live a comfortable life in this 21st century.

You may be victims of financial education unknowingly or your friends. I have good news for you. The good news is that I have a solution for that. I introduced to you a book by the great scholar and American billionaire Robert Kiyosaki entitled “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. This book will walk you to your financial breakthrough. Remember that I said you may lack financial education unknowingly and they say ignorance is a disease and not an excuse for failure. Once you fail, the first thing to do is to acknowledge your failure because it will surely give you an edge for success in the long run. Also remember that failure is part of success, that is the number one thing we have to orient ourselves on because school has caused us so much damage. Do you stone me? You ask me how can school cause damage but to revive us?

This is how my dear, in school we were taught not to fail in life or not to fail any subject most especially math in high school. Hmm. Do you smile? Yes I know!!! Math is one of the main subjects that everyone must pass in high school and is also a criteria for getting admission into our dear Universities.

Another thing to consider is why is it that most school “A students” are working for “D students” or even “F students” in real life? Why? Does it keep you unaware? Think about that.

One good turn deserves another right? You may be a working class personnel but thinking of how to expand yourself or starting a new business. I want to recommend a book for you to read and start that business of yours entitled “Before You Quit Your Job” by Robert Kiyosaki. This book is a great book, it will teach you on how to scale yourself to focus on creating that dream of yours before you quit your current job or you may want to merge it with another business. Think about that, to get this book click here.

Business is very good, but you have to do your homework behind the scenes before the world can see you and appreciate your effort or pay for your creativity. You may be thinking on where or to source capital for your businesses before you quit your job. I have good news for that. I introduce to you a book entitled “OPM (Other People’s Money)” by Michael Lechter. This book will help you to achieve your dream business and move with Wi-Fi in this 21st century. Click here to get this book.

Dear friend, there is more to life, no one has it all, we can’t do it all alone. You need me, I need you and we need each other to survive in this life. Click Here to support my articles.

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