Melding The Missing Links

What’s happening? Copy the missing link. Paste it for the thought, how about that? Feeling dizzied? Need help? What’s really happening? Hmm… question for thought.

Bringing the imagination to Doing-Nation, let’s get together, let’s feel the pain together, let’s shake the unshakeable and bring the new ideas to life. What about your neighbor, how is he/she doing? You smiled? Yet again, what’s happening? Do you think that I don’t know what to say or what to write? Do you think I lost the idea? Do you think I’m crazy? Oh yes! You just caught me! But that’s not the truth!!!...

You and I are on the move to be ok, fine and financially buoyant, never to depend on anyone for surviving nor look for help where there’s no help. We are living in the information age era, if you’re not informed yet again you’ll be deformed.

Hmm.. when you look around you, what do you see? How do you react to what you saw? Are you the type that does not feel good with what you saw? What’s happening? When you look to the left and to the right but you don’t know what to do, how about that? He says… Come let us reason together… There are many problems within us which you know and you’re very aware of. How can we provide positive solutions to those challenges? I mean what’s happening?

American financial Educator, Robert Kiyosaki says in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that “The rich get richer because they provide a positive solution to the world’s problems” What about that? What solution do I and you solve on a daily basis? How are we living our dear lives on a daily basis? I’m talking to you, I mean all of us.

However, in providing solutions to mankind I would like you to read this great book by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki titled “Why We Want You To Be Rich.” I bet you, you can’t avoid living a good life without being financially independent. This book will help you alot, to get this book click here.

This article is full of questions that need an urgent solution, that’s one of the reasons that makes me title this article as “Melding the missing Link. But firstly, what is the missing Link? The missing link here is the challenges amidst us, I mean, what’s really happening in this present generation? Look around you, you equally know some of them. This is just a service to humanity and through that, wealth is created.

One of the greatest problems in this century is “MONEY”. The moment you step outside your house begin with money, I mean that was in the Industrial age, I now remembered that we are in the Information age where you can make your dream money from the comfort of your home.

We all need money and of course money is good and money is very important but what’s happening to sudden overnight money? Money you don’t work for but want to spend and enjoy. Hmm… there is fire on the mountain, I shared tears. Why tears! It's because we need a solution and nobody to help, can you? Of course yes we can do it, you can do it, I can do it and we can do it. That’s another reason for the title of this article.

Vanity upon vanity, What is vanity? Poverty is vanity, money is also vanity but the greatest vanity is “POVERTY” (My opinion please). The earth wasn’t created by man, yet man is trying to study and understand it. The question to ask is what is the purpose of man and what is the purpose of the earth? I think things become easier when we understand the purpose. What is my purpose and what are mine created for?

I think this is a question we need to be asking ourselves on a daily basis. What is my purpose? This question is a great solution to the title of this article that is “Melding the missing link” though the topic is not a direct question but to provide a positive solution to mankind and I guess the missing link here is our purpose on earth.

Another missing link that I sense is the youths trying to live large overnight without finding their respective purposes. What is our purpose on earth? I am challenging you to answer this question, dear reader of my article. Feel free to relate with me, I’m there to reply to your messages, message me through my contact page here. What are we created for? I think if you and I can provide a better solution to this question, we are all good to go in this century. We can move the mountain by finding solutions to our dear purposes on earth.

Do you think yet again I didn't really know what to write when I started my article? You smile? This is a service to humanity. We are on the road to providing a better solution to the human race’s challenges, there are problems everywhere, if only you can see them with your eyes and if only I can see them with my eyes open.

What is our purpose on earth? Don’t forget this homework please. This is a thought provoking question, but truly if you could reason with me we have a lot to go in this particular century and that’s how to meld the missing link. The missing link is our respective purpose on earth and our purpose is the missing link, then how can we meld the missing link? Am I crazy? Oh yes! I need a solution! Yes! I mean a great solution on how to fix the missing link which is our purpose on earth.

I can do it, you can do it and we can do it. Don’t let us leave any stone untouched, let us do it like our normal daily activities. We need a solution to humanity’s challenges and we need a good service to humanity. Let us serve humanity with our purpose and let us move mountains by melding the missing link.

Hope you derived value from this article? Please share and let’s serve humanity.

Till I come your way again, please do have a great day!