Sustaining Oneself In A Time Like This!


Different thoughts, ideas, strategy and opinions always come to one's mind regarding what to do and how to do it the best way so as not to fall victim to what is happening in our world today.

Many people set unrealised goals, some set a realised goal but lack strategy to work towards it and make it a reality. Some are so dependent on someone to help them in their ways but at the latter end they were disappointed.

This is more than a year now when the whole world experiences total lock down. So many businesses were down, many businesses were bankrupt, whereas many are doing exploits. Businesses like Ecommerce, online businesses keep on booming during this lockdown. It was during lock down that Amazon owner was rated the richest man in the world, why? Because he sustains himself, he quickly adapts to change.

The funny part of it is that change is constant  but to adapt to change is very difficult and not that it's very difficult to adapt but we need to train ourselves so as to quickly adapt with change.

Five years to come, so many businesses will still not be able to cope because of what COVID-19 has done in the operations of their business. Also, many businesses will not be able to cope in the next 10 years because of the level of inflation rate. The current inflation rate has disvalued so many currencies. Taking Nigeria Naira as an example; 1 Naira was equal to 1 dollar many years ago but what happened today? The same 1 dollar is equal to 500 Naira today. Why? That is the extent to which inflation rate caused our dear Nigeria economy.

In Nigeria, we are all consumers, we don't produce anything, we depend so much on foreign countries for everything, we don't exchange our goods for what we need but we exchange money for our needs, that’s why the inflation rate will keep on increasing.

In a time like this, how do you sustain yourself? In my previous article, I talked about the deficiency in the use of social media. Some have dedicated all their time on social media, gaining nothing but having a negative effect on their lives. Although, many people are making money on social media. How are you using yours?

So many people are consuming their precious data on irrelevant things on social media and this the same social media has ended so many marriages because of what their social media influencer posted on their pages and its seems good to those people that posted it but not applicable to their own life and you as their followers, you saw it and you say you must practice it and you’re nowhere to be found.

Do you know that it is not all the words inside the Bible that are directly applicable to our dear life? You can find witchcraft in the Bible, monkeys spoke in the Bible, Devil spoke in the Bible, some in their backsliding stage spoke in the same Bible. So if you say that if I found it in the Bible I will do it, hmm, you will turn to something else because not all the words in the Bible that are directly applicable to us, some are for our learning, some are principles while some are historical background. That’s how it is, which parts are you sustaining yourself with? For good or for bad? Think about that!

Dear friend, this is just a charge to you, even me, I'm not exempt, that’s one of what I am thinking in my closet. How to invest my time for greater profit. So many of us invest our precious time in the wrong way, that’s why we are still like this. So many people invest their time on watching irrelevant movies, that’s why they are still in the same spot.

Use your time wisely, invest your time in developing yourself, invest your time in your tomorrow, invest your time in your future, invest your time in bringing out the best in you.

Never allow your present situation to weigh you down but smile and say, I can do it and believe me, you will.

Hope you derived value?

Please do enjoy your day!