The Gift Of A Man


A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men (Proverb 18:16)

From this text, we can see that it is the gift that a man has that makes room for him, not his certificate, not his educational qualification, not his titles nor his post in the community but the Bible makes us understand that it is the gift of a man that brings such.

What is your gift? Have you discovered yours?

One of the documentaries that I watched years back described the deficiency in the human race. It also talked about discovery. One of the speakers says that the reason why humans suffer is because we failed to know who we are! This particular sentence takes me some hours of thinking, even up till today, I am still thinking about it day and night.

The other speaker says, we did not discover our true talent, we just jumped from one business to another because someone told us that this particular business is good and fine, it brings so much profit. The question to ask is, do you truly have passion for such business? 

The truth is that if we truly know who we are, it is very easy to develop ourselves, polish it and help people who are in need of it, that is when we can be rewarded.

Many of us went to school, we were offered admission into university to study different courses, at the end of the day, we were given certificates or degrees in school but the reality of life is different from what is obtainable in school or what our certificate is pointing to.

James 1:17 says “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” That is to say every gift is from the Lord (God) but most of us have disconnected from that source (God) which is the sources of every gift. Are you connected to Him? This is a question that needs urgent answers from me and you. We need to answer it with a sincere heart. Am I connected to Christ? What is it that you’re looking for that is not from God?

One of my mentors always says that he doesn’t pray for money, that the money will always find him. It took me hours of thinking, I didn't understand the in-depth knowledge and the full import of that statement. Later on, he now told me the meaning of the statement. I don't pray for money, I only pray for ideas because, once you have an idea of something, that is a problem already, then you have to find a positive solution to that problem, in there lies your money, money will surely find its way to your account.

I see this statement as a true one, it is what you created that people will pay for, you cannot give me anything and expect me to pay you. The question is, what are mine paying you for?

The world will only reward you for your creativity, the world will only reward you for your impact, value but what is your value that people should pay you for? Do you even know your worth?

Dear friend, it is only God that has that thing you’re looking for, what is it? Mention them, money, influence, job, wife, husband, house, car, child etc.

From our text, Proverb 18:16, it is only the gift that a man has that makes room for him, e.g it is the gift that brings him power, money, title, wealth etc. not his certificate nor anything else but the gift.

Who can give you this gift(s) that you’re looking for? It is only God that has it in abundance, go back to that God, don't disconnect from that source, He’s your creator, He’s the one that created you. He says in the book of Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed thee in the belly I know thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto nations.'' That is to say, before we were born, God already knew us, He knows what we’ll become, He knows everything about us.

Brethren, why are you running away from that God, He’s the one that ochestraighted everything on earth, when He says Yes, nobody can say No. he even say that we should ask and it shall be given unto us, this is found in the book of Matthew 7:7. What is depriving you from asking from God? Sin? Why can’t you forsake it now and go back to God? 

He says, commit your way to thy Lord and you shall prosper. It is only God that has whatever you’re looking for in abundance. It is high time you turn to Him, tomorrow might be too late.

I pray along with you that the grace that you need to fellowship with God the sources of everything and to discover your real gift, may thy good God give it to you now. You will have a full course to praise the name of the living God. (Amen)

Stay blessed!