The Prisoner’s Mind

Ideas, perspective, passion, talent, creativity are some of what makes you what you are today. That is to say, the you in you makes you what you are.

Different thoughts come to our mind especially when we’re alone, but our actions towards such thoughts determine the result at the end of the day.

It's been  a while since I've sat down to write an article like this, almost three days now. Even what I posted on Monday has been written for about 5 days. The question is, why is it that I haven't written any articles since all this while? The answer to this question reflects on this particular topic which I titled as “The prisoner’s mind”. In my closet, I've been thinking about a lot of things. Different thoughts come to mind on a daily basis to the extent that if I want to be writing a book everyday, each book will be more than 20,000 words everyday.

One of the things that kept me thinking everyday is the use of social media. We’ve abused the use of this precious social media, you can post nonsense and rubbish, people will still be hailing you instead of correcting you.

Recently, popular Nigerian music star, Naira Maley tweeted a tweet “I want to fuck mother and daughter. The mother must be between the age range of 40-45 years and the daughter must be between the age range of 18-20 years”. I was mad just because of his follower’s comments, some are ready to offer themself and their daughter. I was like, what is this world turning to? I now realise that truly we have abused the use of social media.

Although,  that is what he really wanted and people are ready to offer him. That shows that no matter how bad your post on social media is, people will still like it. The funny part of it is that social media has terminated some people’s marriage as a result of what they read or see on social media.

You can confirm it please, check Naira Maley’s tweet for the past one week from now.

The prisoner’s mind! When I was still an undergraduate, I met a lady at a football show. Not only did I meet her but I know her quite well. She's my course mate, in the same department. Do you know what she said? It was a match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in 2015. This lady loves football so much, we used to meet in a football show. She said “All what I ever wanted and praying for is to have a one night stand (Sex) with Christiano Ronaldo, if he can do that, I have fulfill, I don't need anything again in my life” she said.

I was like, what is the matter? Her reply was that’s what she wanted and nothing more, so don’t question me, she replied to me. I said no problem. 

This lady’s thought is what I called Prisoner's thought. She didn’t think of becoming famous so as to be recognised in the society just like who she wants to have one night with, I also see her as ignorant and they say ignorance is a disease.

Your thoughts will surely define you. As he thinketh so he is and out of the abundant of heart the mouth speaketh. If you say you’re like this, believe me, you will be just the same way you describe yourself.

You have the power to make a decision that will affect you positively or otherwise. What you have to do is to get yourself a pen and a book and get yourself a clear picture of what you really want to be and not just a plan but make sure you work towards it.

Having a plan is not as important as taking action. Action speaks louder than voice. If you don't make a move, the move will not make you but you have the power to do and undo.

Today, I just picked up my pen and said I want to write something. Believe me, I do and that’s why you can read this article.

Dear friend, do not be a prisoner to yourself, allow yourself to rule over your thoughts. Think positively, don't give room for people’s opinion about you, once you do, that means you don't really know who you are.

The first thing is self discovery, once you discover yourself, you will have dominion over your thought, you won’t be a prisoner to your thought.

Assuming that lady discovers herself, she won’t alter such statements, all she will focus on is how to become a better person. 

Work towards that dream of yours, never give room to any excuses and allow your success to make the noise, not your hard work. Also be consistent and discipline yourself towards the accomplishment of your goals.

Hope it's worth your time?

Have a blessed filled day!