The Beauty Of The Soul

Isn't it worthwhile when you look deep into your life and bring out the best in you? There are some things in life which can be achieved by you alone, you don’t need anyone to tell you  nor any idea from anyone, what you only need is you yourself to be focused on developing yourself so as to tackle the challenges ahead of you.

One of the documentaries that I watched years back was titled “Courses of people suffering”. In the documentation, one of the speakers says that the major reason why people suffer is because they fail to realise who they are. We don’t actually get to know ourselves. Another speaker said, the most difficult thing on earth is trying to know yourself. It is very difficult to know yourself. One of the reasons why it is very difficult to know ourselves is because, when we try to study ourselves, other things that we don’t expect will happen on the way trying to know ourselves, so our attention will be diverted from being knowing ourselves to another event that just happens to us.

Sometimes, we just guess what we can do or try to do what we know how to do the best. So, the question to ask here is, “If truly you know yourself and you perfectly know what you can do, why are you not making money from it or helping someone with what you know and how to do it in the best way?”

You see, situations of life are beyond imagination. You can imagine something, truly in your mind, you can do it but coming to reality of life, it's just the other way round. Yoruba people say “Enu dun rofo” that is, it is very easy to cook vegetation with your mouth. I will add pepper, I will add salt, I will add this and I will add that but coming to reality, you cannot do it. You’re just making mouth.

What we obtain in University, that is, what we call our dear certificate does not majorly apply to the University of life. The realities of life are beyond our University degrees.

Let us look at it in this scenario, why is it that someone who doesn’t obtain any school certificate is making heavy money to the extent of employing a University degree as his/her worker?

That is to say, the life that we are living today is beyond our certificate. It is good and fine to have a University degree but it's not good enough when you are not making money from that certificate or if that certificate is not making money for you.

Dear friend, let me tell you something, the biggest asset on earth is your mindset. In my mind, I may have degrees, depending on how I use my brain will surely determine it. God has already blessed us with brains. According to Ben Carson in his book titled “Think Big” he says, God has  blessed us with more than 14 Billion cells and connections in our brain, what we are left with is to utilize them properly and make use of it  in a due way.

Sometimes in my thinking, I thought of how human beings discovered crude oil to the extent of extracting it to different forms e.g we have petrol, engine oil, kerosene etc. that is part of the brain given to us. Individuals have the capability to create something. We can do and undo, depending on our ability.

My dear, look deeply within you and bring out the best In you. You have it, it's in you, you have the capacity to build and rebuild.

Try to build yourself day-in-day-out. Learning doesn’t have to stop, keep on learning because life doesn’t stop teaching us new things. When you think you know it all, my dear you know nothing.

What you need sometimes is a clear direction, you just need someone to put you on the way in some aspect and before you know it, you’re half way done.

Seek for help when you need it most, don’t keep it to yourself when you need to speak up and put that which you know best into action because actions speak louder than voice.

Hope it's worth your time?

Please do have a nice day!