When You’re Alone!


Haven’t been taught a series of lessons, there are certain lessons that need to be taught by only you. Only you have the ability to think far beyond your present situations.

If you don’t sit yourself down and analyse, examine how you want your life to be in the next 5 to 10 years from now, I think no one else can do that for you . that’s for sure, you have to make a move.

Every successful person you see today has a deep thinking about their life, how they can bring something that has not been in existence to begin.

It is not about your certificate but the level of your “Sabificate” that is, your creativity. USA president, Joe Biden tweeted an interesting tweet on 08/05/2021, says “Nearly 90% of the infrastructure jobs created in the American Jobs plan don’t require a college degree. It’s a blue-collar blueprint to build America”.

From this tweet, it shows that it is not about your certificate, He says 90% of the jobs,  not even 70% nor 60% but 90%, that’s very sensitive, it gives us hints to be more creative, it gives us an ability to exploit ourselves to opportunity around us. Though to have a degree is very good and fine but how well do you prepare for the challenges ahead of you? How are you going to integrate your certificate with your creativity?

Most of the richest people in the world are school drop-out and later employed professors, Bachelors and Degree holders. That’s another hint for creativity. The world we live today will only appreciate you for the lives you were able to raise not what you have gotten from it.

So many people braided about how life has not been fair to them, life is this and life is that but what have you created? That’s a big question. What do you create for people to pay you for?

Recently, I met a young lady, a graduate from one of the top universities in Nigeria. She told me about her life, everything she has been through, complained about everything, the first question that came into my mind  was, if God has to rearrange it, do you think you can still be a graduate? I told her that being a graduate requires your creativity, being a graduate requires your thinking, you have to look inwardly, you have to look within you, you have to look beyond your certificate and do you know what? Your certificate is purely deceiving you from using your creativity.

I was privileged to have a talk with her. I  told her several things about life. Life itself is very hard and very easy but that’s on a condition if and only if you can take the mantle upon yourself together with your cross and face your world alone. 

The world needs your creativities not your certificate, you have to sit yourself down and bring something into existence, you can do series of business, I listed some business in which a lady can invest in and make prospect from, belief me, within a space of just one month, this lady bring something into existence, she started something very big and presently, she’s making a different and doing good in her business. That gives me more ability and courage in my profession.

Dear friend, what are you doing when you’re alone? This is a question that needed an urgent answer, this is a question that needs your deep thinking. When you’re alone, what normally comes to your mind? Are you not corrupt with what you see on social media?

So many careers and marriages have been destroyed as a result of what they heard or saw on social media. Many people didn’t take their time to have a deep thinking about their life forgetting that their mind is a great asset whatever comes from it has a great influence on changing lives. If you don’t control your mind, what you see or hear may keep you thinking day and night. Thinking is good and normal but in what way are you thinking, Positive or Negative?

When you’re alone, what are you thinking? This is just a charge to you my dear reader. Don’t think of negativities when you’re alone but allow your positive thinking to rule over you, I know it's never easy but I believe you can do it, it’s in you and make sure you learn how to bring out the very best in you.


Hope it worth your time?

Better days ahead!