What Does It Take To Leave Your Comfort Zone?


Whatever it may take you to leave your comfort zone for you to live your life to the fullest, my dear do it.

Have you ever wondered why some leave their comfort zone as they say and still come back with casualty? No change in their life, no money and nothing for nothing.

The question to ask sometimes is “What does it take to leave your comfort zone?”

The first thing is what really a comfort zone is? How well is your knowledge about comfort zones? To some people, is when you leave your village for a city, whereas to some, reverse is the case. Some have been in a city for several years, making heavy money, now it’s time to have a break, then they went for a vacation.

Here is a story of a young man who considered leaving his comfort zone as “Leaving village for city”.

This man as a young man, and of course after graduation and your service year being a corps member (NYSC) as a Nigerian, all what you will be hoping for is to be in a city and search for a good job or set up a good business if you have a business idea. Haven’t concluded his NYSC, of course the next thing is the labour market, some call it a favour market, irrespective of the name given to that precious “Market”. The real meaning is “Searching for job or Job hunter”.

This man has been in the city for almost 5 years, jumping from one job to another, working for companies and private parastatals, that never been enough until his parents demand for something, we all know that since you have been in the city for almost 5 years, you should at least send something to your parents even though they didn’t ask for anything.

His parents begin to disturb him, asking him a series of questions. We understand how our parents do when it comes to caring for their children. How are you doing? How far about life and what plan do you have about getting married? His parents asked, he couldn’t say much, all what he said was I’m managing.

Now marriage is calling, this man married with the help of his parents and family. Weddings are never enough until you provide for your family. As a man, you need to cater for your family, provide what the wife and the children will eat. Now he had a son and nothing left to feed the family after 3 years of marriage.

This man sent for his parents, he explained everything to them. His parents couldn’t do anything to send him back to the village. Come to the village where we stay as your parents, they told him.  Everyone knows that it’s never easy for a person to be in the city for over 9 years and come back to the village just like that. 

Can any town both Ilorin main city and any village in Kwara be compared to Ibadan city? I guess no. so he couldn’t withhold his tears than to consider coming back to the village.

The fact is that there is nothing shameful in something gainful! You have to pick up your cross and move on.

So he returned to the village. After a while, his parents set up a business for him in the village so he can manage and feed his family, he couldn’t do anything than to accept the offer and put all his best on that business. Between a space of two years in the village, this man has gotten a land, not only that but in the third year in the village he built his house.

What do I want to bring out from this story? What is leaving your comfort zone really meant to you? Does leaving your comfort zone, leave your parents to scot with your friends or your uncle? Is leaving your comfort zone leaving your country for America?

Anyhow you may put your definition or think about leaving your comfort zone. Leaving your comfort zone is never the problem but the major problem is doing the same thing you were doing before.

Some people have left their village for a very long period of time; some spent almost their entire life with their parents and are still doing exploits. Some were born in the city, grow in the city, school in the city, do everything in the city but they are never successful.

Dear friend, you have to think about your dear life, no one can live your life for you, no one can make a plan for you and you’re the CEO of your life and no one has the access to your life except you permit them into your life.

Learning doesn't have to be stopped, whatever you’re doing wrong, please put yourself into learning, learn how it’s been done, don’t just jam, pack everything together, make a move for your dear life and seek help when necessary because no one will ever be an Island.

Hope it worth your time?

Please do have a nice day!