Now out!!!

 Now out!!!

Relationship: The Part Way To Success

Are you a businessman seeking validation or how to cope or how to attract your potential customers? This book is made for you.

Are you already in a romantic love with someone but it seems you’re not getting what you actually wanted? In this book, I explain some attributes of a good relationship to make you an outstanding person and to keep in touch with your partner so as to work hand in hand to have a smooth working relationship.

Do you have a good success story in your business/career/Job and marriage? Discover new ways to keep it growing is this book. 

This book is three in one. In there, you’ll get to understand what it takes to keep a good relationship with people you care for, be it love/marriage, business relations and different ways of developing oneself, that is personal development.

It is not how far but how well that matters most. Irrespective of what you have heard, read or watched about relationships, all may be true and good but here I bring to you a new dimension, new way and new approaches to building and sustaining an everlasting relationship in Business, Love/Marriage and through Personal Development.

It is bullshit to say “Who marriage helps” whereas billions of people are successful in their business/career/Job and marriage. You don’t have to take one for two whereas you can take two for one. I mean, you can be successful in marriage and business/career/Job. Discover some ways to keep the two intact and develop your personal life without leaving one for one.

The book rate is N1,000


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