What Will People Say?


Success sometimes doesn't seem the way we think. It is when you're successful that people will be talking about you, some will say your money is not pure, to some you've gone extra miles for your success. Irrespective of what they say, what you say about you matters most.

Suggestions, ideas, options and perspectives of others is not the determinant of your prospect. In achieving success, you have to see beyond what people are saying about you and focus on your development.

Don't be ashamed of what you do for a living because when you go broke no one will feed you. It is not how far but how well that matters most. Life is a matter of choice, every choice you make makes you. 

When you focus on shit, shit grows but when you focus on yourself, you grow. What will people say, If you fail your generation?. What will people say, If you go broke?. What would people say if you lost your job? What will people say, if you can't feed yourself anymore? Have you seen some of the reasons why you don't have to give a damn to what people will say about you? This is your life no one else can be you. You're the best of your kind. 

Many people fail in the pursuit of life not because they are not good or what they choose to do is not their way to success but as a result of what people will say, things fall apart because they can't decide or make a good decision that will lead to their success and achievement of their personal goals.

Sometimes, what people say should even motivate you to achieve that success. Do you know why? It's because, what will people say if I'm unable to feed myself, what will people say if I don't get that dream job, what will people say if I'm broke and unable to pay my bills. All these factors should make you bold to give your best in whatever you're doing.

You're living because you have a purpose to fulfil on earth. Don't neglect the fact that you're living your dream and doing your best and don't give an ear to what people will say about you but what you say about yourself.

Hope it's worth your time?

Please do enjoy your day!