The Attention Seekers



The journey of life seems so difficult because we’re not the maker. Neither do we know what may happen in the next 10 years nor can we predict what may occur in the next 10 minutes. Everyone is trying to live his/her best on earth, we’re trying and hoping to survive the challenges of life. Challenges will definitely come, but how to survive it is now left with our fate and able to hold-on not to be disappointed at the end of the race.


As a matter of fact, the difficulty faced by you, but you survived it may be the same that may hit me and I may get broke in the long run, that means our destinies are different, what you carried is not the same with me. Most people actually failed to understand this. Ritualism is rising on a daily basis, why? The answer to that is just our mentality. Although money is very good and fine, the holy book which is the Bible also testify that “Money is the answer to all things”. It doesn't leave one stone untouched but answers all things. That’s also a mentality.

Human beings can never be satisfied with money (though in my opinion). To some extent you can testify to that opinion of mine with this little example or questions. Why is it that the world richest man didn’t get tired of having money or ever think of retirement? Instead most of them keep the money alive. Even though they faked us that they’ve retired but never retire from making more money. The more money they make the more ways they spend the money or reinvest the money.

Another example that relates to that is this simple question. Have you ever told yourself that once you make 10 million dollars in your bank account or more you will retire? Have you ever thought of that? But what happens when you finally get the money? What comes to your mind at that time is how to get more and more of it. You’ll always try to keep and increase the money. That’s human for you. Human beings will never get satisfied, they’ll continue wanting. The moment you find what you’re looking for at a particular time, another thing will pop up and you will be left un-kept than to find another positive solution to that challenge(s). That’s why problems will never end (problem no dey finish) and that’s true. As we sleep and wake up, we all need another fresh moment to think ahead, to refresh and to meet-up with the current trends.

We are met for one another, God has created us for each other, we can’t survive this world alone. What you don’t know is what I’m expect on and vise versa, you need cloth, I have it more than enough, that’s how everything on earth is been circulated and the entire world is absorb on the principle of give and take, release what you have in your hand and take back what you ever wanted.

Nobody is an island, neither is Mr Know it all. However, in my project on providing a positive solution to humanity and to make this world a better place and to be consistent on writing good articles for mankind, you can support us by using our support page here or by contact page here. Be it financially or otherwise, you’re most welcome.

The attention seekers, this can be linked to the law of attraction. If you have anything to offer the world, you must be attracted, be it value, product or solution to a particular problem.

The hidden secret of money is problem solvers, the richest people on earth are people who provide solutions to a particular problem. That’s the law of attraction. Now the question is what are you attracted to? What problem(s) do you solve? I also need to answer this question in my closet. What are you known for that needs to bring you money in return?  The moment you stop blaming people for anything and accept your fate is the beginning of your success. We don’t need to blame anyone for anything, the only person you are to blame is yourself for putting the blame on another man’s head.

My dear it is time to take responsibility, be responsible for your life, seek attention for what you’re been known for and the whole world will pay you for your creativity.


Hope it's worth your time? Please do enjoy your day…